How to help your Car beat the heat this summer.

Do you know if your vehicle is summer ready? Have you taken good enough care of your car since winter? Can your vehicle handle an impromptu road trip and all the stop and go traffic that comes with it? Here’s an extensive list we have created for you, at Drive & Shine, to help keep you and your vehicle safe from the drastic change in weather during the summer months. If you have any uncertainty with these tips, visit a service center or a mechanic to make sure your vehicle is taken care of.

Keep Fluids Filled

While your engine is used to getting hot, too much heat can cause serious issues without the right care (Lampe). “Oil helps keep your engine lubricated, which reduces friction (and heat buildup) under your hood” (Guerin). When your engine gets extra-hot, it uses extra lubrication to compensate. This makes it vital to check your oil level, make sure it is filled, and perform routine oil changes to prevent any overheating or engine failure. Frequently replacing your oil filter, with every oil change, will help filter out debris that has managed to enter the oil system much more efficiently than using the same filter for extended periods of time (Firestone Complete Auto).

- Oil is not the only fluid you need to keep an eye on. Make sure your coolant, transmission, power steering, and washer fluids stay at the “fill” level as they will evaporate or are used at a faster rate under the high heats of the summer. Have the fluids checked and properly flushed (as necessary) to prevent any overheating or major damages to the system.

Keep it Clean and protected

Driving with a dirty windshield can obstruct your field of view, sometimes making it nearly impossible to see. Conditions worsen over time as the grime accumulates, so make sure to have your windshields cleaned regularly.

                -Wash your car it is the most cost-effective means of maintaining your vehicles appearance.

                -Use a quality wax  it will help protect your vehicles clear-coat from the sun’s rays and any other contaminants. You may want to consider a getting a clay bar if your vehicle has any preexisting contaminants (most vehicles do). This will ensure that the wax is protecting the clearcoat and not sealing any brake-dust, tar, or overspray to the vehicle’s clear-coat. You can test to see if you have contaminants by running your hand along the side of the vehicle’s paint job, directly behind your tires is where they tend to accumulate.

-Check your wiper-blades for those rainy days- the streaks or missed spots caused by worn wipers can also obstruct your vision while driving.

Check your tires

The last thing you need on that road trip is a flat tire.

                -Make sure your tires are: at a safe level of tread, inflated properly, and are free of any nails or bubbles that could cause a flat. If your tires have a tread of 4/32nds of an inch or less, then you should consider getting some new tires. You can use “the quarter test” to make sure your tires are ready for replacement. Grab a quarter, turn the Washington side face down, and if you can see the top of his head with the quarter touching the tire in between the grooves of the tread, it is time to look at a new set of wheels (Tire Buyer). This will help reduce your stopping time when braking suddenly.

Don’t forget about your spare tire! While we hope that you never need to use it, it can be useless to you if it is underinflated, missing, or heavily damaged.

-Rotate the tires Perform recommended tire-rotations every 5,000 miles to help evenly distribute the amount of tread lost and prolong the life of the tires.

Keep it Cool

When it gets hot outside, your vehicle is working extra hard to maintain its temperature in the cockpit, and in the engine.

                -Have your Air Conditioning unit checked to make sure that your vehicle stays cold inside while outside temperatures are at their peak. Even if you can bear the heat with the windows down, The belt powering you’re a/c could be connected to other parts of your engine. “Ignoring a weak AC could actually cause your engine to overheat” (Guerin).

-See if your cabin air filter needs replacement, only some vehicles have these, which filters the air that enters your vehicle through the ventilation system. These get clogged with debris over time and need to be replaced (we recommend replacing them about every 10,000 miles). A properly functioning cabin air filter increases you’re Air conditioning unit’s efficiency (Lampe).

-Get a sunshade for your front windshield and even your rear windshield to help keep your cockpit cool and to prevent your interior from fading from the sun’s rays.

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