Lather, Rinse, Repeat! Join our VIP Unlimited Car Wash Club today!

Lather, Rinse, Repeat! Join our VIP Unlimited Car Wash Club today!

Love a clean car all the time? Then Drive & Shine’s VIP Unlimited Car Wash Plan is for you!

Wash your car as often as you want – as often as EVERY DAY for a low monthly fee. 

Enjoy the speed and convenience that a VIP Unlimited Car Wash membership brings with no long-term contract. Members can wash as often as they like at any Drive & Shine location and feel good knowing they’re always driving a clean and shiny car.

Our VIP Unlimited Wash Club provides members with unlimited, worry-free car washing starting at just $30 per month. With a range of VIP Unlimited car wash package options, you can choose the wash that best suits your needs and using your membership couldn’t be more convenient! Best of all, since there’s no contract so you can cancel any time.

Stop by any Drive & Shine full service location and sign up for our VIP Unlimited Car Wash program today!

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Choosing the Right Type of Motor Oil

Choosing the Right Type of Motor Oil


Baxter, Eric.  "How to Choose the Right Oil for Your Car or Truck"  16 May 2011. <>  07 October 2015.

Often times a manufacturer will suggest two or more motor oil viscosities for an engine, such as a 5W-20 or 5W-30, based on several different factors -- including temperature. The reason for this is that engines often need a different viscosity based on operating conditions. Knowing how scientists see viscosity will help an owner determine the best oil for the engine.

Viscosity, at its most basic, is a fluid's resistance to flow. Within theengine oil world, viscosity is notated with the common "XW-XX." The number preceding the "W" rates the oil's flow at 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-17.8 degrees Celsius). The "W" stands for winter, not weight as many people think. The lower the number here, the less it thickens in the cold. So 5W-30 viscosity engine oil thickens less in the cold than a 10W-30, but more than a 0W-30. An engine in a colder climate,

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5 Reasons to Stay Away from Damaging Car Washes

It’s not safe for your vehicle

Have you heard the horror stories of someone having their 2015 Volkswagen Touareg scratched after going through a gas station car wash? Those stories are out there and here’s why; car regulation.  A major example of this is rusty cars. When a rusty car goes through a car wash, the rust flakes off then attaches to the cloth wraps, which clean the car more aggressively than foam wraps and are used at most gas station washes. Then you go through with your new car hoping to get a fast, cheap wash and those cloth wraps, with small rust particles stuck to them, scratch your car. Drive & Shine uses foam wraps and regulates the vehicles that enter the tunnel and turns away vehicles that have excessive rust so your car is safe from scratches.

It’s not safe for the environment

Washing your car at home can be causing unnecessary pollution. Between 100-120 gallons of fresh water is used to wash your vehicle and the runoff can contain grease, gasoline, oil, exhaust residue, bits of rubber, and road tar from your car. This material eventually flows into rivers and is very unsafe for wildlife that lives in and drinks the water. Turning to a short tunnel car wash to do the job not only harms the environment, it also harms your car! Some washes use Hydrofluoric acid because it is cheaper and removes road grime in a short amount of time but destroys rubber seals, damages paint, etches windshields and is terrible for the environment. Drive & Shine is a member of the Water Savers Program and only uses about 30 to 50 gallons of water per car which then is recycled.  There is also a longer tunnel giving the biodegradable soap more time to sit on the vehicle making it shinier while also being eco friendly.

It saves you money

Having a dirty car can become expensive. Let’s say you wash your car around 5 times a month and pay $8 every time. That’s $40 a month just on car washes! Now let’s say you pay the cost of 3 $8 car washes but wash your car as often as you want? That’s a pretty good deal, right? Drive & Shine actually offers this! It’s a VIP Unlimited Wash program where instead of constantly paying for car wash after car wash, you only pay $25 a month for about 7x more washes. Even if you don’t wash your car THAT frequently you can still save your money on car washes with the buy 5 washes get one free coupon book which never expires. EVER. See, you can still get the most for your money, even with a dirty car.

It saves you time

Washing all the rims, tires, and getting the bugs and bird poo off isn’t the most exciting way to spend your day off and could take hours. Scrubbing all the marker off your vinyl from those darn kids along with washing the food stains of out the carpets could be a whole day process which you COULD be spending by the pool or beach. Luckily there is Drive & Shine to take the burden of a messy, dirty car off your hands and put it in the hands of speedy professionals. You can get the full exterior of your car cleaned while a 2 week wax is applied and turn 3 hours into 3 minutes. As for the inside, the only thing you need to worry about is saying bye bye to those stains on your seats. Not only do you not have to get your hands dirty, but you don’t have to spend your whole day cleaning and more time enjoying the summer! 

Is it a name you can trust

Cars are not cheap and putting that big of an investment in the hands of just anyone can be nerve racking. You can be confident in bringing your vehicle to the #1 trusted car wash in Michiana. Drive & Shine wasn’t rated #1 in Michiana for 17 years in a row for nothing!  Pride and ownership is taken in every vehicle received and no job is finished until you are happy. Clean, shiny, dry and most importantly safe!

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Employee Spotlight - Meet Juan!

At Drive & Shine, we believe our employees are our greatest assets. We are proud to have many long-term employees who have dedicated their time and talent to serving customers through their role at Drive & Shine. We hope you enjoy learning more about some of these special employees and why they believe Drive & Shine is a great place to work.

How long have you been with Drive & Shine?

This October will be 15 years.

What is the story behind you coming to Drive & Shine?

The owner met me and asked me to come and work for him and I told him no.  It took 3 more times of him asking for me to agree and come to Drive & Shine.

What department did you work in when you first started?

I was a Lube Technician and then promoted to Lube Manager.

What do you do now?

I'm the Store Manager at the Mishawaka store.

What is your favorite part of working at Drive & Shine?

I have a passion for my work and I love when someone really appreciates what I do. I love our customers and the associates that work here.  I really like working for a family.  Everyone that works here builds a family-type relationship.

Why do you think Drive & Shine has been voted #1 in the communities we serve every year we’ve been in business?

Because we have “The Best!” 

What sets Drive and Shine apart from the competition?

We have the best employees, best facilities – we’re just the best!

Drive & Shine Car Wash, Oil Change and Auto Detailing - we are a one stop shop for all your routine car care needs. Our Elkhart, Mishawaka, South Bend and Schererville Indiana facilities combine Express Car washes, Full Service Car washes, Detailing Services, and Quick Lube/Oil Services all under one roof. We are known for being the premium customer and employee focused car care centers in the communities we serve.

Our customers have voted us #1 in what we do for as long as we have been in business- an accomplishment we are very proud of and work very hard at retaining every day. We also work hard at keeping our associates happy. To prove it- we have associates that have been with us since the day we opened our 1st location in 1997. Our strategy is to remain the best at what we do. We will do it through continued investments in the best of facilities, technologies and people our industry has to offer.

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